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Dr. Andrea Pahmeier

Dr. Andrea Pahmeier

Passion for the skin

"I combine my knowledge of regenerative medicine with the improved experiences of nature.“


my name is Dr. Andrea Pahmeier and I would be honoured if you would allow me a few moments of your time, allowing me to tell you a bit about my cosmetics company ticoché, based in the Markland, just south of Berlin, Germany.

In the fall of 2004, I founded Ticoche with the aim of developing a skincare that sustainably supports the skin in its natural function and have remained true to this principle to this very day. Our products, which you will hear more about below, have been designed to the highest standard, a standard we aim to maintain and are constantly looking to improve and optimize for our customers.

In preparing our products, we pride ourselves in sourcing out local raw materials to ensure they are as organic as possible and have made a conscious decision to limit the levels of fragrances, fillers and extenders present.

We process the nature’s gifts, utilising our expert knowledge of their effect, combine it with our knowledge of organic medicine with centuries of experience, to carefully select the correct ingredients for our products, processing them with the utmost care for your skin in mind.

We are a no-frills cosmetic, rich and pure, and that’s just as we like it, and you will instantly find Ticoché a byword in quality for a smooth, smooth skin. I invite you to enjoy our sensual care products.

Your Dr. Andrea Pahmeier

The team

If you wish to try our products, do not hesitate to contact our representatives in your area.

Sandra Borchert

Berlin/Brandenburg, Germany

Marion Weber

Westfalen/Lippe, Germany

Tanja Jade
Gräfin von der Ahé

Hanover and surroundings, Germany

Andrew Williamson


Melissa Curry

Northern Ireland

Dr. Birger Hahnemann

Quality manager, product safety